Macarons, Mini-cakes, & More


Macaron Towers

Our macarons are available in the following flavours: rose, pistachio, raspberry/chocolate, salt caramel, lemon, chocolate, and often special seasonal flavours. On a tower stand they make an amazing centrepiece for a party, with the advantage that guests can just help themselves.  Prices range from £120 for a 6 tier tower with 71 macarons to £250 for a 10 tier tower with 174 macarons plus a £70 refundable deposit for the stand.

Mini cake tower.jpeg


We offer miniature versions of many of the favourites from our cake shop: mini fruit tarts, mini eclairs, mini cupcakes, brownies, florentines and even mini chelsea buns. Prices range from £1.20 to £1.50 per item. We serve a selection, on tiered stands as desert after dinner events at Fitzbillies and they are always met with delight.  Tiered stands of all sizes available to hire. 



Cupcakes can be topped with fresh berries, mini macarons or other decorations to suit the theme of your event.  Get in touch to let us know what you have in mind.  Simple iced cupcakes from £1.80.  Bespoke decorated cupcakes from £2.50.



The classic French wedding and celebration cake: mini choux buns filled with creme patissière, drizzled with caramel and studded with sugared almonds. £300 for a 180 bun tower.

White fondant fancy tower.jpg

Fondant Fancies