Your Fitzbillies Memories

We feel very honoured that Fitzbillies has been part of so many people’s lives over the past hundred years.
For our 100th birthday this year we are collecting your memories of Fitzbillies - old and new.
Here are some of the memories you’ve shared with us so far….


"The croquembouche for our wedding at Jesus College, on 13 April 2008. It was served with chocolate and raspberry sauces and was very nice indeed!

Edward Wilford and Elenor Ling, still happily married and still living and working in Cambridge!"

- Edward & Elenor

"Dear Fitzbillies,

Thank you for making our wedding cake! It was absolutely delicious and we really enjoyed it. We have distributed the cake amongst our family and friends and everyone enjoyed it for the rest of the week.

We wish you all the best and hope you continue to make beautiful cakes that make everyone happy!"

- Trina and Chris

"When I was an undergraduate at St John’s in
the early 60s Fitzbillies Chelsea buns were an essential part of our rowing training. After a freezing November outing, there was nothing like a restorative Chelsea bun.

Two was the standard order. No one ever managed three. Modern sports nutrition just doesn’t come up to the same standards."

- James Wright

"The wedding cake made and decorated by the second owner of Fitzbillies, Garth Day, for his own wedding to Annette.

It features a model of Willingham Church (his home village) in icing."

"Thanks for Milo's first Birthday cake. You Can see he loved it."

- Terri

"Fitzbillies annual bakery outing.

From the left: My father Garth Day, Malcolm Potter (did the finishing work in what was known as "the hen coop" just off the main bakery area, Keith (can't remember what he did), Reg (cakes), Percy (pastries) and Bert (prepared the tins and memory says just did general clearing and duties). Off the top of my head the outing was to Yarmouth."

- Patricia Day (née Birtles)

"Dear Fitzbillies

Thank you for my chocolate birthday cake with lots of stars and purple writing. It was so delicious and it made me feel special."

- Eliza (aged 7)

"I live in Boston USA but was brought up in Cambridge and my father would buy me a Chelsea bun from your bakery when I got my haircut. I still remember them vividly."

- Max

"Sharing our #Fitzbilliesmemories of our wedding cake made by the Fitzbillies team 16 years ago!

Congratulations to the whole team at this wonderful Cambridge business and on the launch of your gorgeous celebratory book!"

- Pippa

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we’d like to see as many as possible.